Holiday Prusa Contest update

Merry Christmas to all!

The parts have all been revealed, let the building continue! Thank you again Kliment, for having such a great project, we were all looking each day what kind of part would be published. It became a great treat, and i hope to see a lot of them “in the wild”.

The first contestant for the Holiday Prusa Mendel Contest has arrived! I got a mail a few days ago, with the info. This is the mail i got:

I’m a little late starting, but I have mostly caught up (started this last monday). And I have delivered the first batch of parts to the recipient at the Seattle Robotics Society. I will post my stuff on the reprap wiki under the username bryanandaimee <>. How is the contest shaping up, have you gotten the participation you hoped for? I see about 50 downloads on the older parts. Your contest actually resulted in two gifts. As I was hunting a recipient I had one friend who wanted one but didn’t have the time to get it all together by the 15th, so I promised him a set from my first prints. (some of the parts needed repair of skipped steps etc.) I call it Frankenprusa. It won’t be done as quickly, but it will get one more reprapper in the mix.


The first contestant, and another franken-project!(1) And even two people getting a gift! Good luck and fun while building, Bryan and Aimee! There are more people building the holiday mendel, just join in and make a better documentation to win!

Great to see, and we will be following your journey as it unfolds. For all the other to-be contestants, there is still room on the winners stand 🙂 Just build the Holiday Prusa Mendel before 15th of January 2011 and tell me about it. For more info, see the contest post.

FAQ: we got some questions about the rules, is it possible to print yourself a Holiday mendel on somebody else’s machine and build it like this? Yes, that is okay, as long as there is a new printer operator in the end, and there’s no profit involved.

Greetings, and great holiday wishes from the IkMaak team.

(1) See our Frankenbot project.

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