Holiday Prusa Contest update

Merry Christmas to all!

The parts have all been revealed, let the building continue! Thank you again Kliment, for having such a great project, we were all looking each day what kind of part would be published. It became a great treat, and i hope to see a lot of them “in the wild”.

The first contestant for the Holiday Prusa Mendel Contest has arrived! I got a mail a few days ago, with the info. This is the mail i got:

I’m a little late starting, but I have mostly caught up (started this last monday). And I have delivered the first batch of parts to the recipient at the Seattle Robotics Society. I will post my stuff on the reprap wiki under the username bryanandaimee <>. How is the contest shaping up, have you gotten the participation you hoped for? I see about 50 downloads on the older parts. Your contest actually resulted in two gifts. As I was hunting a recipient I had one friend who wanted one but didn’t have the time to get it all together by the 15th, so I promised him a set from my first prints. (some of the parts needed repair of skipped steps etc.) I call it Frankenprusa. It won’t be done as quickly, but it will get one more reprapper in the mix.


The first contestant, and another franken-project!(1) And even two people getting a gift! Good luck and fun while building, Bryan and Aimee! There are more people building the holiday mendel, just join in and make a better documentation to win!

Great to see, and we will be following your journey as it unfolds. For all the other to-be contestants, there is still room on the winners stand 🙂 Just build the Holiday Prusa Mendel before 15th of January 2011 and tell me about it. For more info, see the contest post.

FAQ: we got some questions about the rules, is it possible to print yourself a Holiday mendel on somebody else’s machine and build it like this? Yes, that is okay, as long as there is a new printer operator in the end, and there’s no profit involved.

Greetings, and great holiday wishes from the IkMaak team.

(1) See our Frankenbot project.

The Holiday Mendel Build Contest

Hello fellow Rep(st)Rap owners, we at IkMaak saw Kliment’s new project: the Holiday Prusa Mendel, and wanted to announce a contest to honor this idea.

The idea behind the “Holiday Prusa Mendel” project is that you will get special STL files for one or a few parts of a Prusa Mendel to print yourself, every day starting 2 december. In the weekend the bigger parts will be made, and smaller ones during the week. At different times during the weeks of printing you will be able to build parts of the machine. This way it could be finished up easier in the days after that 🙂
At the 24th of december you will have printed a complete set of plastic parts to build a new Reprap.

But that is not all, because it is a holiday printing project, all parts will be changed in a way to form a festive holiday themed RepRap. This is the perfect gift to give these holidays, what other gift would be so personal, so unique, and so enabling 🙂

That is why we bring you:

Holiday Prusa Mendel Build Contest - Build a bot, give it away, and win big prizes :)

Update: As there were no entries we felt fulfilled the rules, the contest has been suspended. If somebody gets to the point where they feel they comply with the rules of the contest, feel free to contact us, we might still be interested to award the prize.

We still want to do more contests, so be on the lookout for that.

The contest rules:

  • Make a Holiday Prusa Mendel: print the parts, build the bot, print a part;
  • Give the finished Holiday Mendel to somebody who doesn’t have a 3d printer yet, or build it together;
  • Clarification: Yes, it is ok if you make the parts for the loaner program, or you make the parts yourself with somebody else’s bot. You still need input from the first loaner or the bot’s owner though.
  • Explain together how it will live at its new home, who the new operator is, and what they intend to build with it;
  • Document the making and giving away of the Holiday Mendel as good and original as you can; (at least video/pictures/text, other ways are very welcome)
  • English primary language is mandatory, localized version is a plus;
  • All info has to be released with CC-BY-SA or equivalent.

The best total info package wins!
A jury that wil be announced soon will judge all entries, taking into account popularity, and award a prize to the lucky winner, and runner up.
All info is subject to change if necessary, so keep an eye on this page!

People wanting to contend can present their infostream URL’s to: sikko at a site called gmx with a dot net (you know how :)), i will publish all contestants here on this site, and we will follow all contestants till the 15th of january 2011, and soon after that date the winners will be anounced.

Prizes: got big prizes for this contest, offered in association with ReprapSource and UltiMachine, they will send over and co-sponsored the prizes, andd to whom of course we extend our gratitude for enabling us to do this 🙂

We are proud to offer the following prizes to the winners:

For the winner (not available anymore):
A full set of RAMPS electronics: An Arduino Mega, 1 RAMPS 1.1c shield, and 4 Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Drivers. A great combination of electronics for a well working RepRap.

For the 2nd place (not available anymore):
Surprise filament pack. Filament to print the first batch of objects, to make the best holiday presents ever!

Good luck and happy holidays to all! May your RepRap’s be fruitful!