Hall-0 Eindstop

RepRap improvements I – Hall-0 endstop

We would like to tell about some of the improvements we and others have made on the “traditional” RepRap design (traditional being last week?).
That is why we will start this series. So here we go!

One of the problems we have found while operating the machines here is the problem that it is difficult to get the Z height precisely right. While using opto or mechanical endstops you also run into different problems like bumping out of position or light influence. That is why our teammember Jos from Mauk.CC designed the Hall-O endstops. It is a contactless magnetic sensor, with a much higher precision than normal endstops. This enables us to set this once, and then forget about it untill the next retrofit of improvements.

These endstops can be used as a drop-in replacement of other endstops, in all RepRap variants, and all other (cartesian) systems that need the precision. See the adapted endstop mount for easy mounting. They can be used on RAMPS, Sanguinololu and more. They make most sense on the Z axis on a RepRap, but for other machines this could vary, depending on the needed precision on these machines.

Hall-0 Endstop

It measures the distance to the magnet, so it can be set to trigger digitally at a set distance from the endstop, between 2-4mm with the standard magnet. The distance can be configured by the trimpot. This way it will not interfere with the movement or placement of the endstop, and it will keep in place without problems. It could also be used as a analog measurement device, but the current hardware and firmware used by the project do not allow for that yet. The endstop contains the endstop, a mounting cable, and a magnet, enough to get your Z height precisely defined. We have gotten a lot of them in the world already, so maybe we will see some reviews by others soon.

As we would like to see this into the hands of as many RepRappers as possible we have made them also available via our site, mail us at info at ikmaak.nl and we will inform you of the cost of sending one or more. The price is 9 euro excluding postage. If you want to buy them in bulk please drop us a line as well 🙂

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Ruben is a tinkerer who since october 2009 helped on the RepRap project. He houses the first RepRap Museum, and with IkMaak he organised the first worldwide RepRap buildcourses. Over the years he has worked on many FOSS and OSHW projects.

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  1. I bought a Hall sensor from Ruben recently and I can assure you it’s something you want to have on your RepRap. Homing the Z axis is a matter of changing the potentiometer, wonderful.

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