Adrian Bowyer awarded Knighthood!

I was reading a great tip today, Adrian Bowyer tweeted:

From wikpedia i get the following:

”The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is a British order of chivalry, rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organisations, and public service outside the Civil service.” ” Order to honour many thousands of those who had served in a variety of non-combatant roles..”

The BME is “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”, the highest of 5 levels form of this order.

To add to that I would like to thank him for the great and inspiring work he did to make the RepRap project into the community it became, and enable it to grow in such different ways. I think we as a people have gained a lot from his help, and it sure was great meeting him during our course at the University. Also thanks to Rhys my great host, and all the amazing people I met during the trip over there. I still remember you fondly and often. (Strangely I never did a report about this great build party in Bath, and my other great adventures while there)

Reprap has taken me on wonderful trips of discovery and amazement, and has given me a lot of friends and experiences I would not like to have missed. A lot of you also deserve Knighthoods!

So thanks Adrian, keep up the good work! (are you a Sir now?)

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Ruben is a tinkerer who since october 2009 helped on the RepRap project. He houses the first RepRap Museum, and with IkMaak he organised the first worldwide RepRap buildcourses. Over the years he has worked on many FOSS and OSHW projects.

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