Cartesio is a printed multi-purpose desktop CNC machine, with a working space of 300x200x100mm(X,Y,Z).
The machine is designed to hold multiple tools at its toolhead.
This way one could connect a mill and/or a 3Dprint extruder and/or ….

Cartesio is constructed from lightweight aluminium extruded profiles.
These give the machine a very rigid construction, and alow for easy configuration of the machine.
So if you want to change anything, i.g. the Z axis to a much longer configuration, it can be done very easily.

The axis are powered by 3 NEMA23 steppers.
These drive trapezoidal spindles that move 3mm per rotation.
With these spindles you can generate a huge amount of power.
The max feedrates, are 2400mm/min for X and Y, and 660mm/min for Z.

The workspace only moves in Z-axis direction, and is supported on all 4 sides.
This gives a very rigid workplane that does not move fast in X or Y direction.
This is done, so that larger objects will not have stress/torque from (de)acceleration.

The “gantry” type X and Y-axis make sure that a wide variaty of tools can be mounted to the toolholder.
This kind of setup can result in a toolchanger in the future.
At the moment a proxxon engraving tool (thankfully donated by Hegner) is mounted to the toolhead, together with the new 3Dprint Extruder.