Prusa interviews me in Düsseldorf

During the Reprap BuildParty in Düsseldorf Josef Prusa did an interview with me in his series of interviews about Reprap and the community, and he posted it to Youtube.

In the interview we talk about me finding the project, collecting reprap memorabilia, my island promotion of Reprap, the history of IkMaak, why the courses are organised, and the way progress in the project is made. I’m rambling a bit, but i did not prepare for the video, so have fun!

[youtube_sc url=HcCO_aSkhJI]

The FrankenBot project is also mentioned, if you want to join in with a part for that, get the part from the list, do anything you like with the design, as long as it is still functional, print it out, sign it, add some documentation, and send it to me! Contact me for more info.
I hope you like the interview, there’s more where they came from. They are featured after the break.

Here is the interview with Sound of Slic3r fame,
[youtube_sc url=Tuxg2L7r1oI]

A talk with jmil a RepRap Core Developer, working on bioprinting and precision improvements,
[youtube_sc url=0DXRSwc1fM4]

and Tonokip known for the Tonokip Firmware.
[youtube_sc url=issEJV9PD6M]

More will be made probably, i know at least that another interview with Kliment has been recorded in Düsseldorf, so wait for that to arrive soon!

Update: the interview with Kliment has arrived, watch it here:
[youtube_sc url=sr-ASAqxiJg]
Kliment is famous for -among other things- his work on the Sprinter firmware, the Pr0nterface host software, 4Pi electronics, and exellent IRC and real-life support.

Also, an interview with Brian Benchoff, of HackADay fame.
[youtube_sc url=YHv31QaT5Ig]

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Ruben is a tinkerer who since october 2009 helped on the RepRap project. He houses the first RepRap Museum, and with IkMaak he organised the first worldwide RepRap buildcourses. Over the years he has worked on many FOSS and OSHW projects.

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